Handmade by Simona
About the Artist

I have always loved to press flowers and to express myself through art, but it was only a few years ago that I turned my
passion into a career. My educational background is in chemistry and biology, so I worked on the molecular aspect of
plants. Between work and taking care of my family, I did not have much time for myself. However, after a turning point in
life represented by cancer, I rediscovered myself and decided to focus on my artistic abilities.

My love for nature is reflected in my art. My pictures are painted with nature's paints – pressed flowers, leaves, and grass
– and are sometimes combined with watercolors, pastels, and other mixed media. Each piece is unique. I use modern
preservation techniques to ensure that my art will be long-lasting.

I love what I do and am excited to share my work with others!

I am fortunate to participate in a number of art exhibits and competitions. Please check the Awards section of my website
for a list of honors and awards that I have received for my work.

Customer Testimonials:

“My Mom absolutely LOVED her picture! She just kept going on and on about it. She is in the process of remodeling her
home and said she will design the room around the picture.” – J.R.

“[My friends] all raved over your pictures ... Were quite impressed with your work. They are all familiar with pressing
flowers and the kind of work it takes to make such a lovely picture.” – B.G.

“Both [pieces] are absolutely stunning” – J.S.

“... it looks so GREAT! Amazing and spectacular. We are very pleased” – J.C.

“All 3 pictures arrived in perfect condition this afternoon. You packed them very well. They are lovely.” – D.G.

“Your beautiful creations were greatly appreciated by my friends. They were most impressed with your work!!” – B.G.

“Thank you so much for all your care and great work!” – M.R.

“Got the lovely bouquets, looks fabulous” – C & J

“I received the package today. Thank you so much. I love it.” – D.M.